Friday, October 4, 2019

Morocco (Ceuta)

Ferry from Algeciras. - 83.60€. Straightforward to book and a quick crossing - 1 hour.

Through the border in about an hour including customs, immigration and buying bike insurance*; 93€ for 30 days from Compagnie D'Assurance Transport, the first booth on the right outside the customs barriers. (You have to ride 100 mtrs, park and walk back around the railings to get to it.) I've no idea if the rate is good or if the emergency numbers given will help in an emergency. Let's hope we don't find out.

(*Easier and quicker than Kaliningrad!)

As you approach the border (follow the N352), there's a sign directing you up a hill to what seems to be a holding compound for cars waiting to cross to Morocco (there was a sign saying 'One hour's wait'). If you're riding a  bike, you don't need to go there - at least the chap on the gate sent us back down the hill straight to the border post.

Exit from compound 

Insurance booth behind white fence to left 
Lots of sorry chaps about asking for money. 😥

We were told three times by different people that the small, 4x7 cm 'Admission Temporaire' we were given for the bike at customs is 'Very important' and that we must be able to produce it upon leaving the country.