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W Africa visa schedule: rough plan (2019)

Below is the visa info I compiled before leaving on the trip. We are 1 German lady and 1 Irish gent. Mostly the info is appropriate for Europeans generally.

I will report on the progress when we reach Africa and begin to put it to the test (Early Oct '19).

This information comes from a number of sources.

1) Some of it I compiled by emailing embassies.
2) Some comes from a discussion forum on Horizons Unlimited with several contributors
3) Some from individual bloggers
4) And always there's the wonderful Chloe Grant! (Aka, CREER in some forums - see the West Africa Travellers FB group that she founded.)

Bear in mind that even now some of this information will be changing - the situation in W Africa is volatile.

Also, Chloe*, re obtaining Cote d'Ivoire visa says; 'Cote d'Ivoire, NOT IN DAKAR! Anywhere but Dakar! And apply online '

Matt Richards* says; 'Cotonou are not issuing Nigerian visas, I was at the embassy there this morning. You'll be referred to the visa on arrival scheme instead.'

*On West Africa Travellers FB

My approach has been to find out as much as I can prior to going and then I will check as I travel - and post here as I find.

(Below, I list the country for which the visa is required and then the city where the visa can be obtained - with accompanying info. Remember, this is for guidance only and you should double check everything!)

Not needed n/a

Western Sahara
Not needed n/a

Rabat (MOROCCO) Email reply said we could get it at 'arrival'
Mauri Emb. 6, rue Thami Lamdawar, Soussi, Rabat - (+212) (537) 65 66 78
This info is from 2012 - but checked map for embassy 2018

Casablanca (MOROCCO) Senegal Consulate 34 Avenue Idriss Slaoui Quartier Anfa20050 Casablanca Morocco
Sen Emb; 17 Rue Cadi Ben Hammadi Senhadji, Rabat

Dakar (SENEGAL) Fann Residence, Corniche Ouest N° 23,
B.P. 478, Dakar - (+221) 33 824 62 50 / 2

PG5H+G8 Dakar, Senegal - +221 33 824 86 06
14.708634, -17.471914

Cote d'Ivoire**
Dakar (SENEGAL) MGXR+FF Dakar (Rue PE 40?) seems to be same
221 33 869 02 70
** See comments from Chloe Grant above - check on W Africa Travellers FB

27, Rue Ghomara La Pinede-Souissi  +212 (0) 537 757 620

Accra, Ghana Togo Embassy (see Charles?)
Fourth Circular Rd, Accra, Ghana
HRGC+CM Accra, Ghana
233 30 277 7950

Accra, Ghana
Benin Embassy; N Airport Rd, Accra, Ghana
JR87+PC Accra, Ghana
233 30 277 4860 -  (see Charles?)

Cotonou (BENIN) Rue 232, Cotonou, Benin
9C3P+47 Cotonou, Benin
+234 907 388 7021
*** See comments from Matt Richards above - check on W Africa Travellers FB

Calabar (Nigeria) Judges Quaters, Ekorinim,, Calabar, Nigeria
X8WF+CC Calabar, Nigeria

Lomé (TOGO) 56JM+4R Lome, Togo
+228 22 26 75 63

Republic Congo
Lomé (TOGO) Ecobank Agoe
Lycée Agoe Est, ,,Togo, Lome, Togo
+228 22 21 72 14
56Q5+MF Lome, Togo (Togo Visa Office - VTE?)

Cotonou (BENIN)
Cotonou - where??
Carré n° 221 Ayélawadjè
(+229) 21 30 91 78 / 80

Accra (GHANA) JR67+V5 Accra, Ghana
No.5 Agbaamo street,Airport West
Residential Area-Accra

Not needed

Not needed n/a

S Africa
Not needed n/a

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